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Put on a happy face: Wear smile-printed clothing

Fashion, in my opinion, is supposed to be fun. It should never be taken too seriously. After all, look at the runway... over-the-top, entertaining, and yet still manages to be glamorous.

Rebel Yell Have A Nice Day Pullover, $55.95,
Grin from ear to ear
Wildfox Couture

Looking to liven your wardrobe up a bit? Then look no further than smiley faces. Sure to put you in a good mood, the simple print can be found on everything nowadays, from rompers to sweatshirts, all thanks to playful brands like Wildfox and Rebel Yell.

This trend is a prime example of how the Internet and technology have influenced fashion. With text messaging and instant messaging encouraging abbreviations and shortened responses to save time in our fast-paced world, emoticons have trickled their way down from your smartphone to the runway.

As an avid user of emojis myself, I have embraced the popularity of the smiley in fashion with open arms. It is a unique and witty way to share your emotions with the world. And no matter what your age may be, you can rock this trend in style. While your maturity level may come into question when wearing a printed piece, your cool factor, on the other hand, definitely will not.

No longer just a keyboard symbol code, the smiley face is now a fashion statement. So what are you waiting for? Look through my slideshow to the left for some fab smile-printed clothing options. There's no doubt that you'll brighten everyone's day!


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