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Put Messages In Their Place With TiLoTag!


New inventions are always fun.

The Problem
Today's messages have been reduced to photos of what you had for lunch, messages about farm animals and invites to play candy games. It's time to separate messages that serve no value in our life from important messages that are special moments in YOUR life.

The Solution
It's time put messages in their place for future generations to discover. TiLoTag will allow you to literally place life's important messages and save you from the constant stream of meaningless messages about meaningless things.

TiLoTag's patent pending technology will make this a reality and will allow users to post private and public messages in geo-specific areas for future generations to receive. TiLoTag allows you to put messages literally in their proper place.

TiLoTag stands for Time Location Tagging and was inspired by my oldest's son love for history and my own entrepreneurial spirit. It was during times visiting old historical houses that I wondered what the famous people who lived there saw, heard, and thought during their time on earth. I thought how cool would it be to have a device that could capture these forms of messages and memories for future generations to receive.

Perks include flash drives, bracelets, and promoting your products and services.