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Put it in writing: A Lincoln Park gal examines romance in reality

Look up the word ‘romance'—what do you find? Definitions of 'marvelous deeds in imaginary settings,’ ‘a colorful world with fantastic and extravagant events;’ even ‘impractical’ and ‘unrealistic!’ Why do marvelous and fantastic deeds/settings have to be labeled unreasonable? What about the romance of the first date, 'falling in love,' or the romantic places and events that surround us every day? If those ideals are impractical and unreasonable…sheesh, why bother getting out of bed?

But we do. Many of us walk around every day, hiding our vulnerability behind our morning newspapers and ambivalent text messages. We think guarding our solidarity will save us from possible rejection and heartache. We decide to let the grand thoughts and gestures belong to the Nicholas Sparks novels and ‘chick-flick’ movies. Sure, we may be protected, but what are we missing out on? Why not find out?

The Challenge: Get out of bed and embrace your inner romantic. This week, arrange a special outing or surprise with/for someone you love (yes, this includes family and friends); be specific with the date and time. This can be done on a low-budget! Many places offer discounts during the work week. Short of ideas? On your way to work or running your errands, keep your eyes open for places that peak your interest and inspire your desire. Bingo-you’ve hit your target. Be sure to write it down! The suggestion below can get you started in the right direction.

LP Romantic Pick: Galway Arms at 2442 North Clark St. (North of Fullerton).This Irish pub has food, drink, and a tiny fireplace nook in a separate room that is perfect for that intimate conversation or a glass of wine with your favorite book.


  • Paul Hamaker 5 years ago

    Are you the Pirates Daughter

  • Paul Hamaker 5 years ago

    For me and only me. Romance has to be planned to some extent. You have arrangements to make for location, meals, clubs, etc. The real idea is to make the one you are fond of feel special. To let them know in as subtle a way as possible that you went to a considerable amount of trouble (or work) just to make them feel special if only in your eyes or imagination or concept. I do not think women are so dumb that they are impressed by "show" easily. I do feel from some experience that women sense or feel a sincerity in your actions and intent if it is contemplated and concerned with making them happy at least for a short while, or giveing them a moments pleasure or release from the everyday grind.