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Put God first in your life

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“But every nation still made gods of its own and put them in the houses of the high places which the people of Samaria had made, every nation in their cities in which they lived.”

2 Kings 17:29

This verse is taken from the Old Testament when Israel had been invaded by Assyria. This verse in second Kings shows that the Assyrian invasion brought a great influx of pagan people who openly worshiped their gods.

Israel was conquered because it had lost sight of the only true God and why it was important to follow Him. Israel began worshiping false gods and began to copy the evil customs of surrounding nations. The Israelites were told to destroy the pagan influences that could lead them away from God. Their failure to do so brought about their ruin.

This verse is important because we live in a world where worshiping many things or even people can be easy to do. The events that took place in Israel should be a clear reminder that we are not to worship things or people, but we are to worship God, and God alone. The world we live in today has many outlets, such as television, internet, and radio, to make things and people sound enticing. These various outlets can make these things and people seem like we can not live our lives without them. They essentially make us desire them so badly that we begin to worship them. We begin to make them gods in our lives and that is where we are wrong.

As followers of Christ we must set our priorities straight. We must put God above anything and anyone else in our lives. He must come first. While it is not wrong to desire worldly things and care for others, it is wrong when your desire for these worldly things and people is greater than the love and desire you have for God. You must remember to let the fire God has created within you burn so great that it scorches any other desires you have that could take away the fervent love and devotion you have towards God in your heart.