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Put down your arms


Art as a collective effort is something that always goes overlooked in contemporary society. Most chose to focus on the efforts of the individual, looking to give credit to one person when they’re reality is shaped by the people and the world around them.  "ARMD" focuses on group collaboration, drawing on everyone’s talents and experiences to create effective pieces of art that give back to the community that we’re all a part of.

ARMD meaning Art, Resistance, Movement for Dignity started as a small collective including but not limited to Tyler Fisher, Uh Oh, Robert Sataua Jessica Afable and Mike Sargent in the spring of 2007. Built around ideals such as art should be accessible, should speak to the people and should be used as a vehicle of enlightenment, they’ve been able to create compelling images and actions that raised public awareness for the health and survival of ours and others communities for the past three years.

Between January 15th and 17th Seventh Generation Fund is holding there annual Keeping the Home Fires Burning celebration of native culture and art. Through there networking with local indigenous peoples and groups, ARMD has been asked to host a table at the event. There they’ll be putting together silk screening activities for kids and adults, workshops on creating screens for printing, patch making and a variety of other activities.

Be sure to keep an eye out in the Humboldt area for ARMD and their collective vision in the upcoming months. With shirts, prints and other conscious forms of media hitting the streets, there message and fan base will continue to grow into what will hopefully be positive social change for our community.


  • KRM 5 years ago

    Thanks for writing about the art community in and around Arcata. I look forward to your next article.

  • Michael Harris 5 years ago

    Local photographer has a show of redwoods of photography at the bay keepers in Eureka. Mr Harris has had many fine art photography in the Humblodt bay eria.
    contact Michael Harris
    phone 707-839-3419

  • Elizabeth Berrien 5 years ago

    Local wire sculptor just scored #1 worldwide "Big Won" for Innovative/Alternative media... current projects include a ring of life-size female nude dancers... recent inquiries from DreamWorks, Disney Imagineering, international designers & architects.

    contact Elizabeth Berrien
    phone (707) 445-4931

  • Tod Shelton 5 years ago

    I am a musician and I know a very talented young artist by the name of Theresa Gillespie... Email me at...

    and I will send you some of her artwork.

    thank you

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