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Put down your arms



  • KRM 6 years ago

    Thanks for writing about the art community in and around Arcata. I look forward to your next article.

  • Michael Harris 6 years ago

    Local photographer has a show of redwoods of photography at the bay keepers in Eureka. Mr Harris has had many fine art photography in the Humblodt bay eria.
    contact Michael Harris
    phone 707-839-3419

  • Elizabeth Berrien 6 years ago

    Local wire sculptor just scored #1 worldwide "Big Won" for Innovative/Alternative media... current projects include a ring of life-size female nude dancers... recent inquiries from DreamWorks, Disney Imagineering, international designers & architects.

    contact Elizabeth Berrien
    phone (707) 445-4931

  • Tod Shelton 6 years ago

    I am a musician and I know a very talented young artist by the name of Theresa Gillespie... Email me at...

    and I will send you some of her artwork.

    thank you

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