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Put down the car keys and bike it


Walking is great but so is biking! Today a lot of men and women are starting to use the old forgotten form of transportation and pulling out their bikes. For you ladies no need to worry you can still bike it in style. Check out some of the pointers below and see how.

Ride your Bike to Work

Stylish Biking
Need a place to stash your stuff?: Add a basket for only $35 (
Protect your head: Grab a helmet at
Get out of my way: Get the Girard Madonna Bell for only $9 at

Fun Facts
You can save a good amount of money and even earn it too. According the Bicycle Commuter Act you’re entitled to $20 a month to help offset the costs of pedaling to work.

According to the bike forum you can burn  between 500-600 calories per hour biking.

By cycling you are getting more exercise, which can help you develop stronger muscles and bones.

For more information visit to learn about the Bike to Work Day.

New York City Transportation alternatives website 

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