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Put Away The Sundress

Bundle up! It's still winter.
Bundle up! It's still winter.

The weather in Boulder has been absolutely beautiful for the past few days, and it's making me crave iced coffee on the patio, short shorts, lying on the grass, afternoon hikes, sundresses, ice-cream cones, espadrilles, warm nights, and many other similar things. Sadly, I know that I can only expect more snow before I can really whip out anything remotely like an espadrille. But no worries! Snow is still fun. And to get you (and me) extra pumped for more cold weather, I thought I'd share with you some cold weather clothing ideas and more. Get excited.

First of all, you can't wear boots in 90 degree weather, so wear yours 'till the soles come off! Believe me, by mid July, those Fryes will be looking mighty appealing.

Continue to love (and wear) all things fleece, down, and fuzzy. My Patagonia jacket is still in heavy rotation and it's pretty cute. Can't wear that down to the creek come June.

Cold weather means covering up, which means you can eat more ice cream and Girl Scout cookies (they got me at King Supers - I couldn't help myself). Bikini, what bikini?

And finally, spring snow means an excuse to score killer snow gear on sale. Up side? You'll be able to wear it before next year.

So, yay! Winter is still here and you've got plenty of reasons to be excited. Plus, Spring really is just around the corner. I promise.