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Put a smackdown children's dental habits with WWE Brush Buddies

WWE Brush Buddies, put a smackdown on dental health
WWE Brush Buddies, put a smackdown on dental health
Brush Buddies

The morning and bedtime struggle to get children to properly brush their teeth can bring a parent to tears. While adults understand the necessity and importance of good dental hygiene, kids can view the daily routine as tedious, boring and unnecessary. Brush Buddies started with a single goal in mind, brushing teeth can be fun.

Brush Buddies has become a leader in children's dental hygiene products. Their character based toothbrushes make the morning and night routine fun. From popular musical talents to WWE superstars, kids want to spend the recommended time to properly brush their teeth.

When it comes to adequate time spent brushing teeth, kids (and even some adults) don't brush long enough. Dentists recommend that kids spend two full minutes brushing their teeth both in the morning and at night. For kids, the two minute time frame can seem like an eternity. With the musical interlude provided by the Brush Buddies, kids can hit the magical two minute time frame every time.

New to the Brush Buddies line of toothbrushes are the WWE Superstar inspired items.The WWE has a hugely loyal following of fans. The WWE Brush Beatz Theme Song Toothbrush offers two different theme songs from the Rock, John Cena, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. These four WWE Superstars are hugely popular in the WWE arena.

The WWE themed Brush Buddies offer:

  1. Soft DupontTM bristles and an ergonomic design help clean plaque in hard to reach places.
  2. Easily Replaceable Brush Head includes a tongue and cheek cleaner.
  3. Soft rubber grip provides a firm hold and comfortable brushing experience.
  4. 2 buttons = 2 songs; one for brushing in the morning, one for night. Each song plays for the dentist-recommended two minutes.
  5. Batteries are included and replaceable.

Brush Buddies are available at various retailers and can be purchased online at The WWE Brush Beatz retails for $14.99 each.

Fans of the WWE Superstars are ready to put a smackdown on dental habits with the new WWE Brush Buddies.

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