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Push for 2014 public safety build up

City Hall.
City Hall.
Adam Benjamin

Needs for more personnel and vehicles in the city's public safety recovery plan keep the city council's public safety committee at work on restoring funds and planning to put services in action. Today's committee meeting with the Fire-Rescue assistant chief at City Hall resumes discussions on the plans to fix the city's experience with an emergency force unprepared to respond to the city's safety alerts.

Empty positions on the force the city has not styed ready to fill, following long lsting turnover on the force, no longer will get left hanging. Mayor Todd Gloria stays set to commit to planning to fill vacancies ahead of time.

Lean funding years have put the city in the position it must make efficient choices to spend funds on the right force undertakings and programs. Program expansions that have not become out of the question go before the committee.

Adding fire engines and fire trucks to a fleet that falls short on available vehicles needs the committee's attention. Gloria gave the committee the responsibility to stop the threats to safety allowed to happen while a vehicle is not available.

Councilmember Marti Emerald said, "Our city is facing many public safety decisions that are important to our residents. I will continue to advocate for safer, stronger, and healthier communities in 2014." Work on strengthening the city's force will take a line of funding decisions. "Maintaining public safety as our primary responsibiloity of local government is a core expectation of the San Diegans we serve."

The assistant chief has the responsibility to verify the committee's plans fit in the Fire-Resuce Five Year plan update he informs the council on. The chief also has to make sure the fleet of reserve fire engines stays maintained.

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