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Pursuing JC Band chosen as house band for Miss Long Island Pageant

Present and older members of the Pursuing JC Band. Performing in "Got Talent? Long Island"
Present and older members of the Pursuing JC Band. Performing in "Got Talent? Long Island"
Diana De Rosa Photo

The Pursuing JC band is on a roll. On May 31 they were among 21 finalists who competed for coveted titles at the Huntington Arts Council’s 5th annual event “Got Talent? Long Island,” a competition for performers 18 years and under. When the event was over the band members were the recipients of the Choice Award. That was a proud moment for them but now they have more to look forward to.

The Pursuing JC Band practices for their next performance.
Diana De Rosa Photo

On July 19th they will be part of Great South Bay Music Festival. They will be performing in the Clamshell Bandshell at 1:10 p.m. For more details go to

On August 10th they will be the house band at the Miss Long Island Pageant, responsible for playing nearly 30 songs throughout the show. The eight member band is already working on the songs they will be playing that day. For more details about this event go to

The band members include: Kelsey De Rosa (16) – Singer and Violinist, Melville; Corinne De Rosa (12) – Drummer, Melville; Gregory De Rosa – (12) Pianist, Melville; Michael Ottavio (15) – Singer, Guitarist, Manhasset; Emerald Geiger (15) – Electric Guitar, New Hyde Park; Ann Paulose (16) – Guitar, Brookville; Alex Ottavio (11) – Electric Guitar, Manhasset; Jasmine Benjamin (15) – Vocalist, Manhasset Hills.

The band is hoping to send a strong message to others of all ages. “There is a lot of talk about our generation and how we are a soiled generation. I don’t want people to leave just knowing our music or performance ability but rather to take away hope for our generation and to maybe rethink it. Not that we are better or different but I want them to realize that maybe they have misjudged our generation," commented Kelsey.

“For those people who feel like they have no hope my wish is that the message in our songs give them hope,” remarked Corinne.

Take some time to check out the band's web site at