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Pursuing adoption in the greater Houston area

Where do babies come from? It's a question that every parent dreads because it means their baby is growing up and before you know it, "Where do babies come from?" will turn into "What is the limit on your Saks credit card again?"

While the answer to the second question may vary, the first question has just as many answers. Depelchin, CPS and Catholic Charities are just a few of the many places babies "come from." Now before anyone taking a break from writing their thesis in pursuit of a Ph.D in gynecology reads this, please understand that these are three of the many adoption agencies located in the greater Houston area.

Now for those who have questions about adoption understand that the process is not fun by any stretch of the imagination, but the result is great. Gone are the days of walking through a room filled with babies and saying, "I want that one!" The proper parents are now groomed and subsequently selected for each child, not the other way around. A day could be spent dispelling each myth about adoption while also preparing prospective parents for the arrival of their bundle of joy.