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Purse snatcher attacks police

Cell with bed
Cell with bed
Photo by Handout

A parolee was arrested on March 4, 2014 for attempting to steal a purse from a woman while at St Patricks Catholic Church in Sonora. Sonora Police were called to the scene, at which point the purse snatcher suspect, Jeremy King, decided it would be a great time to engage a police officer in a boxing match, and took a boxing stance against the Sonora PD officer.

That choice appears to have been a mistake since while King did get in a couple of punches on the first Sonora PD on scene, the second, third, fourth and fifth Sonora PD on scene didn't have as much trouble with King.

The first officer on scene had been able to get his baton out, and was treating King to a lesson in defense after King tried to wrest the officers weapon from its holster. When the second officer arrived, king also made an attempt to get that officers weapon. Neither attempt was successful, and failure does have consequences. King was finally subdued by all five officers on scene and arrested. King was found to have received abrasions on his head and face.

Transport to the County jail was completed with no further demonstrations of pugilistic expertise by King. The roll call of charges for King are: Felony assault on a Police Officer; felony causing an injury to a Police Officer while resisting arrest; felony attempting to remove an officers firearm; felony attempted theft; felony parole violation; misdemeanor under the influence of a controlled substance.

As a parolee with two warrants already outstanding, King may find it difficult to get out of jail as easily as many of the rotating criminal class do these days. AB 109 aside, King has a list of crimes which may guarantee close scrutiny by the authorities.