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Purple Queen Flourishes over Philly Airwaves and Beyond

Under the Purple Airwaves
Under the Purple Airwaves

Philadelphia airwaves are currently under the haze of a Purple Queen. Purple is considered the color of royalty in several cultures and has also been associated with eras such as the “purple haze.” Today our city is blessed to have a more encompassing positive haze led by the Queen herself. That’s correct a beautiful dark skinned lady known throughout the Tristate as the Purple Queen, a local Philadelphia task master and Radio Personality and Owner of PQRADIO1. She has been an on air radio personality for the past six years in the city of Brotherly Love who has understudied with several on air personalities at Clear Channel and Radio One. The air wave diva is responsible for placing the unique programming of “Bat Cave Radio” at Radio One on Saturdays.

This female personification of a hard working "Wonder Woman", multi-tasked as an on air 91.7 FM personality while concurrently managing six of the stations shows. Implementing "Underground Hip Hop" six days a week as a "Bat Cave" Radio World Executive. Purple Queen inevitably branched out and helped to create for the Premier Live Music Venue "The Legendary Dobbs" where she housed her own show "A Moment with Purple". This continues to be a groundbreaking R&B Hip Hop Show that constantly displays underground R&B and Hip-Hop music in the city of Philadelphia and beyond.

To date they have had a plethora of talented visionaries who call themselves artists. However one of the most impactful artist for the Queen was Marsha Ambrosius who she considers to be exceptionally talented, down to earth and extremely welcoming. According to Purple it was great to interview her and be a part of her world for a moment.

When asked about her name this is what she had to say, “Purple queen is not just my name it is the essence of who I am. In the Sun my skin resonates a majestic color of purple and I know that I am a descendent of queens having knowledge of self, healing power, royalty, loyalty, and right alignment. Hence you have The Purple Queen.”

We asked about who inspires her and she named a few but was quick to mention that her mother was the one that instilled in her that attaining a dream has nothing to do with age but hard work and determination. Others she admires are Nigerian oil tycoon Folorunsho Alakija, Oprah Winfrey and Isabel Dos Santos. “I love these women because these females have found their place in the Forbes Billionaires List. Apart from them, there is no other black woman in the world who happens to be on a billionaire list.” Her personal goal is to be financially independent and to be instrumental in creating a "Real" industry in Philly. She finds that her love from her family is encouraging, and it is that same love and support from those in her corner that keeps her humble.

Subsequently, Purple Queen is currently the program director and owner of PQRADIO1.COM, which houses eight radio shows per week as well as 24/7 programming. Tune in to Purple Queen's Live Radio Shows Mondays , Wednesday and Fridays from 5pm to 11pm playing the best in Underground and Top 40 R&B/Hip Hop on PQRADIO1.COM

To summarize the wish from the Queen that wears and plays it well with her special radio bell; is that the talented and chosen who choose to pursue a career in this music industry fight hard for their dreams and educate themselves so that they can be successful after the music has stopped playing but the powers that be have to keep on paying.

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