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Purple is the better black

Chakra Chart
Chakra Chart
Chris Lee

It’s hard to separate color therapy from crusty hippies with crystals hanging in their kitchen window over a box of sprouted alfalfa, but there really is evidence that colors vibrations do affect your emotions.

Every color has a different vibration, and every organism is made up of and influenced by vibrations. Ancient Chinese and Indian medicine practices identify the major point of energy in the human body by seven chakras. Each chakra is thought to be associated with a set of emotions and particular body parts that can benefit from exposure to that color.

Many art students can probably attest to having the fact the black is not a color, but a shade, beat into their gel-crusted magenta dyed heads in high school. Black is in essence, the absence of color. The absence of color, much like a black hole, can easily be construed to the absence of life. Would it be too much to suggest that the little black dress is emitting bad vibrations? Perhaps we should renounce black in favor of a more emotionally rewarding color like purple.

Red: 1st Chakra
Located in the spine by the coccyx
Associated with vitality, sexuality, individuality, courage and impulsiveness

Orange: 2nd Chakra
Located in lower abdomen just below bellybutton
Associated with intimacy, confidence, sociability, freedom and movement

Yellow: 3rd Chakra
Located in solar plexus two inches above bellybutton
Associated with personal power, laughter, humor, optimism and curiosity

Green: 4th Chakra
Located in the heart
Associated with love, compassion, forgiveness, harmony, renewal and growth

Blue: 5th Chakra
Located in the throat
Associated with wisdom, speech, trust, creative expression and caution

Indigo: 6th Chakra
Located between the eyes, or the third-eye
Associated with intuition, invention, perception, memory and fearlessness

Violet: 7th Chakra
Located at the crown of the head
Associated with inspiration, charisma, self sacrificing and spirituality



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