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Purple day for Epilepsy

March 26 is a day to remember those with Epilepsy.
March 26 is a day to remember those with Epilepsy.

Purple day is on March 26. Purple day stands for Epilepsy awareness day. Epilepsy is a disability that causes seizures. Many seizures are life alternating and changes your lifestyle. Epilepsy impacts 65 million people worldwide.

People who have Epilepsy have seizures sometimes throughout a day. Medications, luckily, have a beneficial effect and can help some live virtually seizure free. Service animals can help someone by alerting a person that a seizure is coming.

Seizures can have a big impact on how someone lives. People with Epilepsy have driving restrictions or are not allowed to drive at all. They can get hurt when a seizure happens when they fall or bite their tongue.

Purple day was founded in 2008. Cassidy Megan of Nova Scotia, Canada helped create it. She decided on the color purple because in some cultures a purple flower means solitude and isolation. These are feelings that many with Epilepsy feel.

To help spread awareness, wear purple on March 26. Spread the word about Epilepsy. If you ever see someone having a seizure, help keep them safe from where they fell and from biting their tongue. Stay with them throughout the seizure and call for medical assistance.