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Purina ONE Tour for Heroes to stop in Atlanta February 20th

The Purina ONE Tour for Heros bus
Look for the Purina ONE Tour for Heroes bus in Atlanta on February 20th.  Logo Credit: Purina ONE Tour for Heroes

On Saturday, February 20th, the Purina ONE Tour for Heroes will be at the Atlanta Humane Society from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The Tour for Heroes is a cross-country adventure, beginning February 3rd in San Francisco, and traveling through 11 cities to end February 26th in New York.  At each stop, the Tour for Heroes will set up temporary food banks (giving away FREE pet food) and adoption events to help animals in each city.  Pet lovers can also assist the tour with a fundraising effort through Facebook

During the Tour of Heroes, Purina ONE will give out more than 63,000 pounds of dog and cat food.  That's almost 6,000 pounds of food per city!  The Special Events Manager for the Atlanta Humane Society, Karla Dempsey, sums the Tour's goal up very well:

At the Atlanta event

Each stop will have several aspects for pet lovers.  Come to the Atlanta event and:

  • Receive a FREE 8-pound bag of Purina ONE dog food or 3.5-pound bag of Purina ONE cat food (while supplies last)!
  • See adoptable cats and dogs from Atlanta and other tour stops who need loving forever homes.  Each family adopting a pet at the event will receive a coupon for free Purina ONE pet food

Martha Stewart and the Tour for Heroes

The Tour for Heroes is close to Martha Stewart's heart - she is lending her celebrity to support this worthy cause.  She will talk about the event during her show on Friday, February 5th (for listing information, see Martha Stewart's Web site).  Tony LaRossa, the co-founder of the Animal Rescue Foundation and manager of the Saint Louis Cardinals baseball team, will join Martha via satellite to talk about the Tour of Heroes.

How to be a hero

There are two ways to support the Tour for Heroes:

  • Attend the Atlanta event on February 20th - bring the family and the pets.  See if there is room in your life for a new cat or dog, or just support the cause
  • Help Purina ONE raise money just by using FacebookIt is so easy - between now and March 31st, find an adoptable cat or dog on Martha Stewart's pet adoption site, and click on that pet's profile to share him or her with your Facebook friends.  Each time you do this, Purina ONE will donate $1 worth of pet food to food banks around the US (up to $50,000).  The pet food donation tally can be found on the Tour for Heroes Web site - as of this article's posting, it is almost $1,000!

Mark Stoddard, the brand director for Purina ONE, has this say about the Tour for Heroes event:

Many pet lovers take great comfort in their cats and dogs - they are excited to see you no matter how bad your day was, even if traffic was really bad, and even if you are cranky because the bills are due or you spilled lunch on your shirt. 

Helping keep families together is a great cause, and Purina ONE's Tour for Heroes is tackling the challenge of these economic times head on.

For more info: Visit the Tour for Heroes Web site and get involved today!  The entire 11-city tour route is mapped out on the Web site, along with other information on the Tour and Purina ONE.

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