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Purina ONE and GOOD announces Wally as winner of 'Hero Pet' award (Photos)

On Dec. 19, 2013, Katy Lim, who represents GOOD, shared about nominees and the winner of the Purina Hero Pet Contest. Lim announced to that there have been a variety of wonderful pets who qualified, and that the "Hero Pet" winner is a black Labrador named Wally!

Hero Pet Winner Wally
Hero Pet Winner Wally
Pets to the resuce
Hero Pets, Image: Purina ONE

Wally is a touch therapy dog from St. Louis, Mo. This heroic dog was crowned the ultimate "Hero Pet" in Purina + GOOD's "Hero Pets to the Rescue" Challenge.

"Wally brings his calm demeanor to the Children's Hospital in St. Louis as well as to a local special education high school class. The GOOD community voted Wally as the most heroic of 15 very deserving furry finalists. With his win, a $5k donation is being made in Wally's name to Support Dogs, a pet service non-profit that Wally graduated from." - Katy Lim

The competition asked pet owners to submit a photo or video plus a short and true story about how their pet has changed someone's life.

Voting deadline for the ultimate hero pet was Dec. 9, 2013. Lim said Wally was not the only nominee.

"Other nominees included an Army-enlisted German Shephard, a K-9 First Responder in the Sandy Hook School tragedy, and a Lab that literally saved her diabetic owner's life are among the 15 furry finalists for Purina ONE and GOOD's "Hero Pets to the Rescue" Photo Challenge."

Every pet lover knows what an impact their furry friend has on human lives.

"The pet lovers at Purina ONE and GOOD have partnered to celebrate "hero pets" with the launch of their new "Hero Pets to the Rescue" Photo Challenge."

Thank you Katy Lim for sharing about Wally, GOOD, Purina and more. Learn even more about Purina ONE and GOOD on Facebook, and find Wally at "This Dog Brings Comfort to Children."

Enjoy video clip of another hero pet, one who saved his family's life. This dog was not a part of the competition, but deserves recognition just the same.

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