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Purge hoax has folks battening down the hatches: Online call for Purge is hoax

"The Purge" hoax had people ready to batten down the hatches, but hoax exposed.
"The Purge" hoax had people ready to batten down the hatches, but hoax exposed.
The Purge Anarchy movie promo

A high school student from Louisville, Kentucky thought it would be fun after watching the movie “The Purge: Anarchy” to post a message calling for a real-life “Purge” in his town. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, “The Purge: Anarchy” is a movie set in the near future where for one night a year all crime is legal, reports HNGN News on Aug. 16.

In the movie, people are killed and tortured and because it is a night that these acts are legal, there is no help from local law enforcement. As you can imagine the call to start a “Louisville Purge” threw a scare into some of the residents of Louisville, especially because the post went viral and has made national headlines, suggest First Coast News today.

Police in Louisville have fielded their fair share of calls from residents who are concerned that this online post might urge a crime wave. Because this is a threat, real or not, police are taking it seriously and they tracked down the culprit.

While the name of the individual who started this call for a “Kentucky Purge” will not be released, what this youth is saying today by way of an apology has hit the media. The scheduled time for this Purge hoax has come and gone without incident. The hoax was quoted saying that the real-life Purge was set to start at 8 p.m. on Aug. 15.

Police tracked this hoax down to a DuPont Manual High School Student. He spoke with the high school’s newspaper calling his post nothing more than a hoax. The kid said:

"It was originally supposed to be just a fun thing, I never thought it'd get as serious as it did," the student told the Manual Redeye. "I was really shocked the first time I saw local media covering it."

This is considered his apology apparently! The high school newspaper’s faculty adviser, Liz Palmer, said she spoke to the father of the student, who confirmed it was a hoax. She also said that the students on the newspaper had absolutely no trouble finding the student who originally posted the “Louisville Purge” threat.

The world today is full of violence and unthinkable acts that are seen in the headlines daily, so people thinking that a rogue group of youths getting together to create a “Louisville Purge,” is not that far-fetched. Considering that the online post had sprouted tons of media stories.

This threat did cause the cancellation of the high school’s football game on Aug. 15, as police actively investigated the threat, even though the student had come out and confessed. Following all the media attention, the police needed to conduct a thorough investigation around this threat.

Louisville wasn’t alone in their worries as folks from Detroit, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Miami and Cleveland also reported similar threats. If you have a hankering for a "Purge," you need to go see a movie because a real-life Purge is impossible. Police will always be there ready and waiting!

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