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Purge 2009 with fire and affirm 2010 with self hypnosis


Burn and affirm to move into the next decade. Purge your life from everything negative by literally extinguishing it with fire. Rid yourself from unwanted events, emotional baggage and non productive thoughts with your own personal fire ritual.


2009 was not the best of years for a good many of us. Putting the year behind has been somewhat of a blessing. Psychologists will tell you to heal you must let go of those things real or perceived which do not work in your best interest. A fire ritual can be a powerful symbol for letting go.


If you have a natural burning fireplace, then stoke it up. If not, locate a deep metal container to act as your fire pit. The summer grill is a great substitute. On separate pieces of paper write those things you wish out of your life. Then drop each one into the fire naming it as it burns. Release it and let it go.


Bring what you want into your life in 2010 by focusing on it. Affirmations are a great way to mindfully state what you want. Creating an objective is the first step to achieving it. Write down your affirmations for the new year.


Affirmations are simple to construct, but are guided by a few rules. They are short positive sentences written in the present tense. Avoid negatives. The subconscious mind cannot process a negative.  If you say, “I don’t have disease in my life”, the mind will process it as, “I have disease in my life”. Instead, construct the affirmation as a positive statement, “I am healthy in mind and body.” They are written in the present tense because the mind takes instruction literally. If you state an intent in the future tense it will never transpire.  


Saturate your subconscious with the affirmations by saying them out loud upon waking in the morning and just before going to sleep at night. Stating your intentions in the morning will focus your day. Saying them upon retiring will allow them to percolate in your sleep state.


To intensify the experience and move into a deeper self hypnotic state, make a tape of your affirmations and play them upon waking and retiring. Initialize your tape recording with several minutes of suggestions of relaxation. Direct yourself to visualize an environment that you find particularly soothing: under a waterfall, in a garden with chimes, wind sailing. Find your happy trigger and go there mentally. Experience it with all the senses. Moving into a relaxed state changes your brain waves to a frequency to where your mind is more receptive to suggestion.


“When one door closes another one opens.” One year ends. Another year begins. Now is the threshold. Leave the old behind and step into the future.

 More info: The author is a certified hypnotherapist.


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