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Pureology Strength Cure Products: Review

Pureology Strength Cure Products
Pureology Strength Cure Products
Pureology via Ginae

We lent these received products to a dear friend with damaged hair. Why? Our hair is perfect. Sorry. But, it is. Since we began reviewing hair products, we only use the Redken and Pureology and it makes and keeps our hair perfect.

We received;

  • 1 Travel Size Colour Fanatic 21
  • 1-3.2 Oz Strength Cure Fabulous Lengths
  • 1-1.7 Oz Strength Cure Split End Salve
  • 1-8.5 Fl Oz Strength Cure Shampoo
  • 1-8.5 Fl Oz Strength Cure Condition

Colour Fanatic 21 is an incredible product that one should have regardless of one's hair type or situation. While we have sampled other 21 benefit hair sprays, they do not outrank Pureology's by any standard.

Strength Cure Fabulous Lengths is easy to apply. Simply give a couple of pumps, evenly throughout damp hair, focusing on mid-lengths through to the ends. This will strengthen hair fibers to prevent future breakage and provide heat protection to assuage further micro-scarring and damage.

Strength Cure Split End Salve is another one which is easy to apply. Place a single spray into your palm and work through towel-dried hair, focusing on the ends. Apply more if needed. This will also strengthen challenged hair, prevent further damage and exude a beautiful shine for color-treated hair.

Strength Cure Shampoo as usual and this gentle cleanser will fortify micro-scarred, damaged hair. It also gives off a velvety soft finish.

Strength Cure Condition as usual and this opulent formula will detangle, strengthen and condition to improve the texture and light reflection of your hair.

Our friend used every product as listed and found them all to be delightful. What was particularly impressive was that even on day two of a shampooing, her hair still looked shiny and beautiful. Time will tell as to the extent of damage control. However, experience with Pureology so far dictates another success story!

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