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Pureology's Natasha Sunshine shares favorite how-to's for convertible hair style

Pureology's Natasha Sunshine shares favorite how-to's for convertible hair styles
Pureology's Natasha Sunshine shares favorite how-to's for convertible hair styles
Pureology via Ginae

As Summer gives way to Fall, the necessity for effortless transitions between work and play has never been greater. Pureology Artistic Ambassador Natasha Sunshine tells us how. The following is a good sampling of some of her personal favorites.

Convertible Braids

Begin with hair which is clean and dry. Apply Pureology’s Density Definer Medium Hold Crème Wax from mid-shaft to the ends for shine and control. Smooth a dollop of the wax between your palms, then pat through to the ends.

Style 1

Lay hair braids on the top of the head for easy milkmaid braids. Tuck each tail behind each braid to conceal. Then, push bobby pins through elastic bands for extra hold. For even more hold, spritz some Strengthening Control Zero Dulling Hairspray over the entire style for even more hold and shine.

Style 2

Part the back side of the head with a braid hanging in each hand. Then, cross each along the bottom of the head (at the nape) to create a stylish low chignon. Tuck tails under and secure with bobby pins. Give a final spritz of Strengthening Control Zero Dulling Hairspray.

Sleek to Chic (This looks best on a short bob cut)

Style 1

Sunshine has dubbed this look, The Pony for the short-haired amongst us. It is simple, yet dramatic and therefore perfect for day or night.

Begin with hair that is both clean and dry. Use Pureology Super Smooth Shampoo and Condition for a finish which is extra polished. Apply Colour Fanatic all over. Then, apply a dollop of Cuticle Polisher Shine Serum (don't forget to rub the dollop between the palms as mentioned earlier). Apply evenly throughout.

Part the hair as desired and comb into a sleep, style, which is tucked-behind-the-ear.

Style 2

Continue from Style 1 (above). Wait until the hair is completely dry. Otherwise, it will be a little on the stiff side.

Untuck hair from behind the ears and brush through the hair. Apply a drop the size of a pea of Cuticle Polisher Shine Serum. This will add texture and shine. Place hair.

Because the ear tucked hair was tucked while drying, it will have a sharp, pointy tip, which will land on the cheek or jaw-line, depending on hair length. This will create a twenties-style bob effect.

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