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PureLips for your inner vegan

Go vegan beautifully
Carol Stigger

I had never given much thought to vegan skin care products until I looked in the mirror and realized that if my beauty routine required animal sacrifice, I should mimic the Romans: slather on olive oil and scrape it off along with the dirt. Olives and other vegetable products grow on earth for our needs. Not everyone says that about mammals who give birth to furry, cute creatures.

While researching vegan beauty products, I was intrigued by a description of PureLips products. No matter how many times your mom washed your mouth out with soap, you can still aspire to pure lips. It is simple. Sparing the life of animals makes up for the words that spewed out of your mouth when that 8th grader taunted the 10-year-old you for wearing the wrong brand of designer jeans.

Seriously, PureLips products go on smoothly, do not irritate sensitive skin, and pack easily. “Packable” is a magic word for frequent travelers who have experienced alarming reactions to hotel-provided toiletries. And here’s what I am packing for my next trip: Green Tea Latte soap (natural, handmade, and vegan), avocado eye cream, organic face cleanser and cream, and organic lip balm that leaves no trace except for a natural, healthy gloss.

PureLips has put together an attractive Mother’s Day package that your mom won’t see in any store. It is a special gift for a special mom. But be sure to order some for yourself. If you cannot hear your inner vegan calling, you are not really listening.

You can order PureLips products through the Etsy (dot) com website and learn more about the benefits of natural beauty products.

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