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Pure your color

In the warm summer months, it is hard to keep hair color looking fresh and vibrant. The sun's rays lightens hair; which can be a good thing if you have blond hair, or cause color to fade; depending on what color your hair is. The fastest color to fade in the sun is red. It is defiantly a gorgeous color that could have different definitions to it, but it is the hardest color to keep. Using color safe shampoo is a great way to protect your color but there are products that can help as well. The first thing that you want to look for if you decide to use a serum to smooth your hair is a clear liquid. If it is orange in color it can make your color fade. A great product is by Pureology. It is their new product; Color Fantastic, 21 essential benefits. This product is a spray treatment for color treated hair. It is a natural plant extract and a powerful antioxidant that offers environmental protection for hair. It contains an AntiFade Complex. This leave in hair treatment protects and strengthens for long lasting color. Only a few sprays is needed; not to overwhelm the hair to become heavy or greasy. Pureology products provide UV protect from the sun to help keep your color bright; even the colors that fade the fastest such as red are protected. Everyone wants to keep their color as bright as they can for as long as they can. It gets expensive to constantly have to do touch ups or full hair services.