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Wish I had something pretty to tell you. Wish this generic publication I am hired to write for had less ads.

I have one happy thing to say Lorde makes us feel good-Pure Heroin (e) as a drug is bad -pure heroine as a goddess, like Athena is good. Obviously, or "The Who," wouldn't have sacrificed the paper to write about her.

I signed into a hospital here in Wisconsin , that is suppose to be number one in recovery for heroin addict's in the country. I did this to see why our children can't get help. I learned -no one there really cared.

Guess what ? Three days of being given butterfly printouts -so many drugs I couldn't even name them all - I asked -How do you cure Heroin addiction? The response, a blank stare by a staff educated by seminars. I tell you here and now, I was never addicted. A needle in the arm -disgrace-disgust- but my baby girl likes it , so does Slash and Nikki-they got better -Mothers write me of their children now in heaven -say I am strong -I am not strong-I am hopeful-that as a human race we can save our kids with music -music that looks like this (see video)

Be real -just be real -and if you can't be real, SHUT THE DOOR

Our children turned to drugs because they did not see beauty in this world anymore -I can show you beauty if you click

-Kellie Levans -CBS

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