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Purdue shooting suspect TA: Gunman killed TA at Purdue University

The scene outside of Purdue University on Tuesday
The scene outside of Purdue University on Tuesday

The Purdue shooting suspect killed a TA on the school's campus on Jan. 21. According to The Indy Channel, Andrew Boldt, 21, a TA and an Eagle Scout, was the only student shot and killed in the incident. Boldt was in the Electrical Engineering Building when a gunman opened fire. Police believe that the shooting suspect actually sought Boldt out and that this shooting wasn't random. A motive is unknown at this time.

"He was a really smart kid, pretty sure he had like an awesome GPA. I never really knew anyone that didn't like him. I thought I was taking it alright until I got to this, just to see three or four thousand people showed up, I don't know, I mean it's hard," said Boldt's friend Evan Stockrahm.

The Purdue shooting suspect killed the TA and was reportedly arrested. According to The Heavy, Cody Cousins was taken into custody just after police arrived. Students on campus reportedly saw Cousins with "blood on his hands" after they heard gunshots. It appears as though Cousins went directly to the spot where he knew Boldt would be and then shot him dead.

Purdue University was on lockdown while police worked to clear the scene but once they discovered that the campus was safe, students were allowed to go back to their daily routines. The Electrical Engineering Building remained closed after the incident. It's unknown when it will reopen.

It's unclear how the Purdue shooting suspect knew the TA or if the two were once friends, but police are working diligently to put the pieces of this puzzle together. In the interim, Boldt's family has asked for privacy but added that "there will be public opportunities to pray together in the days ahead."

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