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Purdue shooting suspect: Man in custody, 1 Purdue victim killed at university

Photo of Purdue University and its campus
Photo of Purdue University and its campus
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A Purdue shooting suspect, a man, has been brought into police custody today after it was confirmed that an incident of gun violence had occurred at Purdue University in Indiana this Tuesday afternoon. Although early reports were uncertain whether there had been any fatalities, it has been confirmed that 1 victim was killed by the male gunman. The victim is known to have been affiliated with Purdue, but whether it was a student, teacher, or employee has not been verified. CNN gives the latest details on this breaking news this Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014.

The Purdue shooting suspect has not been identified, though it is known to be a man. The 1 person who was killed in the violent incident this afternoon was fatally shot while at the electrical engineering building on the Purdue University campus. Police Chief John Cox has not shared any more information on the victim at this point in time.

A spokesperson confirmed that a gunman was spotted at roughly around noon on the eastern side of the West Lafayette campus. Shots were fired shortly afterward, and the suspect, a man who was carrying at least one gun, was detained and taken into law enforcement custody. Police confirmed to school officials that the shooter was no longer a threat.

As soon as news of the Purdue shooting suspect broke out, the University released an immediate emergency mass text message and email alert to students, prompting them to take cover wherever they were and await further information. The lockdown was lifted a little bit over an hour later at approximately 1:30 p.m.; however, the electrical engineering building remained closed so officers might investigate the crime scene.

"The rest of campus is now open and classes are again under way,” concluded the spokesperson.

“A Purdue University student, Brad Glusvewski, told CNN that the university warned students of the reported shooting by text message around 12:20 p.m. ET. Glusvewski, 24, said he and about 15 other people were staying inside the on-campus building where they were when they heard the report.”

Initial news of the shooting, the 1 victim injured, and the Purdue shooting suspect being secure in police custody were shared via Twitter; the social media site is often an invaluable source of immediate information in frightening and dangerous situations such as these.

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