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Purée of Vignarola and brown bread crumbs, sardines in red wine vinegar

The Hotel Hassler Roma's extravagant Easter Brunch takes place at its Michelin-starred Imàgo panoramic restaurant featuring an exclusive menu prepared by Executive Chef Francesco Apreda. The menu features several traditional Italian Easter dishes and rare delicacies that will delight and inspire the pallets of even the world's most discerning gourmets.

Chef Apreda's Passatina Vignarola

Rome is perhaps the ideal destination to celebrate Easter, with the Pope's annual Mass at St. Peter's Basilica and outdoor celebrations attracting tens of thousands of pilgrims from around the world. For the occasion, Hotel Hassler Roma has prepared a traditional Easter Brunch on Sunday, April 20 at Imàgo, the panoramic Michelin-starred restaurant on the hotel's sixth floor.

The brunch menu consists of traditional Italian Easter dishes, created by Chef Francesco Apreda, including a prepared-to-order pasta menu served tableside, as well as a buffet featuring delicacies such as Savory Pies, Roasted Goat with Potatoes, Ravioli with Pecorino Cheese and Fava Beans, Roman-style Artichokes, and Spring Onions and Guanciale, as well as a selection of fine Italian cold cuts and cheeses. The holiday brunch will wrap up with a spectacular dessert buffet, including homemade Colomba Cake (traditional leavened cake) and a ricotta-based Pastiera Napoletana, all made by the Hassler's pastry chef!

Easter Brunch will be served from 12:30pm to 3pm on Sunday, April 20, and is priced at €110 (approx. US$150) per adult and €55 (approx. US$75) for children up to 12 years old (VAT charges included, beverages excluded).

To reserve, please call +39 06 6993 4726 or e-mail

If you can't make it to Rome for Easter this year, Chef Francesco Apreda has graciously sent you a recipe to try for your own Easter table.

Passatina Vignarola

Purée of Vignarola and brown bread crumbs, sardines in red wine vinegar

By Chef Francesco Apreda

The wine pairing for this dish is "Vernaccia di San Gimignano Fiore" by Montenidoli

Serves 6


VIGNAROLA CREAM: 3 spring onions, extra virgin olive oil, 1 bay leaf, 4 Roman artichokes, 1 Romaine lettuce, vegetable broth, 100gr shelled peas, 100gr shelled broad beans

BROWN BREAD CRUMBS: 200gr rye bread, 50gr salted butter


sardines, 15gr fennel seeds, 50ml red wine vinegar,150ml extra virgin olive oil

ROMAN PECORINO FLAVORED OIL: 30gr grated Roman pecorino, extra virgin olive oil, fresh chilli peppers, 1 spring onion, fresh field balm

FINISHING TOUCHES: borage flowers


VIGNAROLA CREAM: stew the onions sliced in strips with the oil and bay leaf. Once they have wilted, add the cleaned and finely sliced artichokes, brown with the onions and add the rinsed and finely chopped Romaine lettuce. Salt, cover with boiling vegetable broth and cook on a high flame for about 10 minutes, then add the peas and broad beans.

Boil for a few minutes, then put in the blender, without the bay leaf, obtaining a smooth cream.

BROWN BREAD CRUMBS: crumble and toast the rye bread in a pan with the butter. Once nicely browned, leave to cool and then mix in the blender.

SARDINES IN RED WINE VINEGAR: remove the sardines’ heads and fish bones and marinate the fillets for about 40 minutes in the red wine vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and fennel seeds.

ROMAN PECORINO FLAVORED OIL: cover the grated pecorino cheese, onion rings and finely chopped field balm and chopped fresh chilli pepper with extra virgin olive oil.

FINISHING TOUCHES: serve the warm cream soup with the rye breadcrumbs and room temperature marinated sardines. Spoon over with the aromatic oil and garnish with borage flowers.

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