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pupthat! - an interactive photo and video sharing mobile application for dogs

Give dogs virtual bones

pupthat!, a photo and video sharing mobile application just for dogs, is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The dogs must have permission from their human companions as well as a little assistance from them since most smartphones are not paw friendly. This human friendly social media mobile application allows users to create a profile for their dog, post photos and videos of their puppy, give dogs virtual bones, comment on photos and videos and form their own dog "pack" of followers. pupthat! was created by brother and sister Carlos and Erika Gutierrez, both who reside in nearby Washington, DC.

The application's motto, "show off your pup", reflects the initial inspiration behind pupthat! "As a dog owner, I am so excited to have an app that is dedicated only to dogs. Not only do I enjoy posting pictures of my miniature pinscher constantly to my social media channels, but I am also very entertained by photos and videos that other owners post of their own dogs," says co-founder Erika Gutierrez. Co-founder Carlos Gutierrez stated, "As dog lovers we realized that an easy-to-use platform for puppy enthusiasts to exclusively share photos and videos of their pups didn't exist. So we created pupthat!"

pupthat! is available through the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android.

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