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Puppy Set On Fire Now Recovering And Giving 'Love And Kisses'

Hope is recovering after being set on fire
Hope is recovering after being set on fire
HART's Facebook page

A puppy set on fire has become a massive celebrity after thousands of people heard of her plight and donated to help with her care. Though the dog, dubbed "Hope" by her rescuers, will never return to normal, she is making progress and will be able to live out her life in the care of someone who loves her unconditionally.

According to reports, Hope was set on fire by owner Larry Wallace, who has since been arrested and charged with the horrific act of cruelty -- though he denies any wrongdoing.

Sadly, Hope is "one of the lucky ones". Despite being burned over most of her little body and quite possibly never having the ability to see again, this little dog is a survivor. Many abused and neglected animals will not have the chance to heal and have a family.

"She won't be normal, ever," veterinarian John Gicking said. "She'll have significant scarring, she has a long road ahead of her, including numerous surgeries she's going to need down the road, as well as a long term healing for her skin."

However, with the support of thousands, Hope will continue to recover and hopefully -- no pun intended -- find a family to call her own. With so many people caring about her story, there's no doubt she will find the right person or people to care for her until she crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

Are you as moved by Hope's story as others? Follow her progress on the Hardee Animal Rescue Team's Facebook page.

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