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Puppy saves girl: Siberian girl's puppy saves her after 11-days in cold forest

A little girl who had been lost in the Siberian forest for 11-days was saved by her faithful puppy. The child was missing for a few days before the parents realized that she was missing. The mother thought the three-year-old was with her father who had walked to a neighboring village, which was far from home, according to the Huffington Post on Aug. 14.

Puppy saves little 3-year-old lost girl who was lost in the Siberia woods for 11 days.
YouTube screen shot

The father thought that the child was at home, but she had followed him out of the village and into the forest, unbeknownst to him. This mix-up could have been a fatal one, but fate was smiling down on little Katrina Chikitova.

Once the father got home and the parents realized Katrina wasn't with the other parent, a frantic search was on. By now Katrina had been in the unforgiving woods of Siberia for a few days. She was missing along with her puppy and the search turned up nothing, according to News Oxy.

The nights in Siberia were already getting cold as the summer waned. The temperatures were dipping below freezing at night, so the parents lost their hope; that is until the puppy showed back up.

As day nine approached, the parents had all but lost hope of finding Katrina alive when the dog came back. It was two days before Katrina was found that the puppy made it back to the village.

They knew the dog had been with her and thought that she probably kept warm by hugging the dog in the cold Siberian nights. They also realization that the dog not being with her anymore might not be a good sign. If she was keeping warm with the puppy at night, she wasn't anymore and possibly she wouldn't make it.

The rescue parties gathered and went out to try and find Katrina once again. Afanasiy Nikolayev, a spokesperson for the Sakha Republic Rescue Service said:

“Two days before we found Karina her puppy came back home … That was the moment when our hearts sank, because we thought at least with her dog Karina had chances to survive–nights in Yakutia are cold and some areas have already gone into minus temperatures. If she was to hug her puppy, we thought, this would have given her a chance to stay warm during nights and survive.”

Their greatest fears did not materialize, as the puppy led the rescuers to the little girl, who was hiding in the tall grass when they found her. She had minor injuries of cuts on her bare feet and mosquito bites all over her, but she looked better than they had imagined she would.

The child was able to convey that she ate berries and drank water out of the nearby stream, but she was very thin and frail from her ordeal. The rescuers carried her out of the forest and she was put in the hospital until she could gain back some strength. Doctors report they expect her to make a full recovery.

No one ever got the dog’s name. He was the hero in this story, leading the search team to little three-year-old Katrina hiding in the high grass. As you can see in the video above, she was immediately swooped up into the rescuers arms and it appears she was given some type of cracker to nibble on as the rescue team got her out of the forest.

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