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Puppy saves girl lost in Siberian forest: Skin and bones after day 11, but alive

A three-year-old girl was lost in the Siberia woods, a place that offers a harsh environment in both weather and creatures, but she was saved by her puppy. Katrina Chikitova wandered off and became lost in the woods with her little puppy. She was gone 11-days, but that puppy came back home and was able to lead rescuers to her, saving the child, according to the Gawker on Aug. 13.

Puppy saves little 3-year-old lost girl who was lost in the Siberia woods for 11 days.
YouTube screen shot

Apparently her father had set out for a trek to another village quite far away and Katrina set out on foot after him. The father had no idea his toddler daughter was on foot behind him and the little girl got lost, reports the Canada Journal today.

The nights in Siberia are already dipping past the freezing mark and the woods where the toddler went missing is saturated with bear and wolves. After a week went by her parents lost hope of ever finding their little girl alive, that is until the puppy showed up back home.

The parents thought if the puppy is still alive, there was still home. The dog was probably with their daughter and he would keep the girl warm as she cuddled and hugged him. This was their hope anyway. The puppy led a search party into the woods to the three-year-old’s location.

She was rescued and looked much better health-wise than anyone had expected after 11 days. The three-year-old was put in the hospital so she could gains some strength, but she is expected to be fine.

They understood the little girl survived by eating berries and drinking the fresh river and stream water. She was hiding in the grass when the rescue party arrived and even though she not as bad health-wise as one might think after 11-days alone in the woods, she had lost a lot of weight and was frail. You can see one of the rescuers carrying Katrina out of the woods above in the photo. In the video you can see her in the tall grass where the team found her.

Her injuries were minor, just mosquito bites and scratches on her two-little feet. This is a true story, reports Gawker, beating even a “Disney movie” for pulling at your heart-strings. Kids get lost and many of them are not lucky enough to be found or to find their way back home.

It sounds like this puppy set out on a mission and he got the search party to follow him back into the woods where the toddler was. The dog’s name was not released, but just the same this is one hero canine today.

The story of the puppy bringing the rescuers to the little girl does sound like a “Disney” movie, but because it is the real deal, this story is much more heartfelt!

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