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Puppy saved after being dumped in trash bin and taken to landfill

Midas, saved from certain death
Midas, saved from certain death
Last Chance Pet Rescue, Inc. Facebook page

Late last week, someone threw a three-month-old puppy into a trash bin in Dickson County, Tenn., and on Friday the contents of that bin, including the puppy, were transported to a landfill site after being picked up by a trash compactor truck.

According to Last Chance Pet Rescue, Inc., if not for the actions of observant workers, the discarded puppy would have perished.

The rescue agency stated:

This pitiful little pup, maybe 3 months old, was dumped like trash in a trash bin, picked up by a big trash compacting truck, driven to the landfill and was about to be buried alive when workers heard him crying, dug him out and saved his life. He was rushed to the vet clinic by the Animal Control officer.

The pup, dubbed "Midas," was examined at the veterinary clinic and found to be underweight and suffering from demodex mange. Midas also has injuries to his head and eye - possibly the result of being inside of the compacting truck, but there is no way to know for certain.

As Midas' rescuers have noted - he is not trash, in fact, his miraculous survival hints at the possibility of great things in store for his future. On Monday morning, the rescue agency made a wonderful announcement about this miracle survivor:

I have just spoken with the clinic and sufficient funds have been received to cover medical costs. AND, this sweet boy is going into foster care and will probably be adopted by that foster home. I want to thank everyone for their generosity, concern and prayers for this little guy. It is a miracle that he was discovered and saved. He must be destined for great things!

Follow Midas' recovery, and his rescuers, at this link to Facebook.

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