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Puppy rescued after she drives car into pond

Rosie, the mischievous pup who drove her owner's car into Bolivar Pond.
Rosie, the mischievous pup who drove her owner's car into Bolivar Pond.

A 12 week old German shepherd puppy drove a car into Bolivar Pond in Canton, Mass. Sunday morning June 1, 2014 after accidentally hitting the gas pedal, according to FOX25. Rosie, the rambunctious pup, had jumped into the car after the owner started it up and hit the gear shift. When the car jerked from the shift, Rosie fell onto the gas pedal, which lurched the car forward into the pond.

Rosie, her owner John Costello and the car all drove into the water. Though the car was originally in shallow water, it slid deeper before Rosie could be pulled to safety. Costello immediately jumped out of the car as it hit the water and went to grab Rosie, but she had jumped into the back seat out of fear. Eric Hermann, a man working nearby, jumped in the water to help get Rosie out of the car.

By the time Costello was able to grab Rosie and pull her out of the car, they were in over their heads. Everyone swam to safety. The Canton police and fire departments pulled the car out of the water, which was a loss. Rosie was tuckered out.

Costello was thankful for all the help and is just happy that Rosie was saved.

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