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Puppy injured after owner repeatedly drags him up and down the street

Puppy being dragged on street
Puppy being dragged on street
Los Angeles Police Dept.

A puppy is recovering from wounds after his owner allegedly dragged him along a street in Los Angeles, Calif., reported Wednesday's KTLA News.

Someone captured the cruel Jan. 3. act on video and turned the evidence over to the authorities; the puppy's owner, 28-year-old Dossey James was arrested and charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty.

The puppy being dragged by James was injured severely enough on his stomach and legs that he was not only leaving a blood trail on the pavement, but he also required surgery.

According to a release by the Los Angeles Police Department, investigators uncovered a prior, similar case of animal abuse alleged against James and due to that prior incident, the District Attorney's Office set the bail at $145,000.

According to the release:

The City of Los Angeles aggressively investigates and prosecutes acts of animal cruelty. There is a strong correlation between those who commit acts of animal cruelty and those who commit acts of violence against humans, and the goal of the ACTF is to break the cycle of violence through aggressive prevention, intervention, detection, and prosecution of acts of animal cruelty.

The injured puppy is expected to make a full recovery; he was taken to an animal shelter on South Los Angeles.

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