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Puppy hits gas in owner's car, 12-week-old dog drives them both into deep pond

Puppy hits gas in car and sends it into a local pond
Twitter Screen Shot, UPI (Rob Quirk)

A puppy named Rosie is speeding her way over pop culture headlines this evening, as it seems this overzealous dog managed to hit the gas in her owner’s car recently, driving them both straight into a deep pond. The 12-week-old German shepherd apparently got too excited while her owner was getting ready behind the wheel, and fell on top of the gas pedal, sending them all careening forward into the water. Reuters News has learned this Monday, June 2, 2014, that fortunately neither man nor canine were hurt in this scary incident, as local witnesses were nearby to help when the sudden situation quite literally went down.

It seems this weird news story began this week when John Costello and his dog, Rosie, were going for what was supposed be a relaxing drive around the lovely Bolivar Pond in Canton, Massachusetts. However, the excited puppy Rosie was still too hyped up from her afternoon walk, and as her owner revved the car, the dog snuck close to the gas pedals, flooring it (and them) into the deep pond.

Shares her owner, John Costello, in a statement after his and Rosie’s rescue:

"She's a handful," he said of his peppy puppy. "The dog jumped in and hit the gear shift and the car jerked and she fell on top of the gas pedal. It was just scary."

UPI News relays in their press coverage that the car gurgled 30 feet out into the pond when it finally began to settle, and Costello remembers how fast the cold water began to surge in through the windows. Thankfully, several witnesses nearby were able to come to their rescue and help, saving both the dog owner and the puppy before any lasting damage was done to them. The same could not be said for the car, however, which was totaled by the water damage.

"[The] puppy was scared and ran to the back seat. The front door was open, [we were] trying to get him out the front door, coax him," one of the good Samaritans said to a local news source. "By the time we got the puppy out, the car had slid and we had to do a little swimming."

Maybe next time Costello will remember that while Rosie may be cute and friendly, no puppy (or dog, for that matter) should be allowed loose to possibly step on the gas pedal or interfere with someone’s driving behind the wheel of a car. This time around, everyone was lucky, and no one was hurt in the frightening ordeal. Still, a local police officer was understandably baffled by the whole situation.

"I've never heard of a puppy driving a car into a pond," said Officer Robert Quirk of the Canton police.

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