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Puppy found with rubber band around her muzzle improving thanks to Texas rescue

The young puppy now named Lille is happily recovering in her foster home, after having an embedded rubber band surgically removed from her muzzle last week in Mesquite, Texas reported the organization's Facebook page of Paw Patrol Animal Rescue.

Puppy found with rubber band around her muzzle improving thanks to Texas rescue-slide0
Paws Patrol Animal Rescue
Feeling better but still has a long recovery, Lille is happily settling in with her new friend at her foster home.
Paws Patrol Animal Rescue

Unfortunately, there is little hope of finding the culprit who did such an evil deed; little Lille was picked up as a stray, and there is no history of her past available.

A volunteer from Paw Patrol Animal Rescue rushed Lille to the Creek Crossing Animal Hospital where the painful band which was under open sores and digging into her flesh was removed. The pressure of the rubber band invaded her nasal cavity.

As of Monday, Lille still has deep grooves in her muzzle and is currently on antibiotics. Her doctors hope she has no long term effects from the trauma, but as is commonly the ultimate forgiving nature of dogs, Lille stillwags her tail in delight whenever someone calls her name.

Get well soon Lille.

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