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Puppy found in sealed, plastic storage box, euthanized due to injuries

Via St. Francis' Angels
Grievously wounded puppy

On April 4, a Harris County, Texas, animal control officer discovered a purebred bloodhound puppy inside of a sealed, plastic storage container.

Being tossed aside like unwanted trash was not the worst of this abandoned puppy's troubles...he had been severely injured. The animal control agency issued an urgent plea for the pup - he was in need of a medical rescue.

St. Francis' Angels shared the tragic injury details about the pup, dubbed "Belvedere," which were discovered at his veterinary exam:

After careful and gentle examination it was discovered that his glossal nerve was either severed or damaged. This injury resulted in the inability for him to retract his tongue into normal position in his mouth resulting in dysfunctional movements leading to chewing impairments, as well as swallowing difficulties.

It was not enough that this baby was so badly injured but then to determine that he had lived alone and friendless and injured for up to five days was almost more than the mind could comprehend. His hard palate sustained comminuted fractures with visible fragments.

It was also determined that he quite likely had all of his facial bones crushed. A formal medical report is due soon along with photographic and radiographic evidence.

The veterinarian who examined Belvedere recommended that he be humanely euthanized due to the severity of his injuries.

On April 7, the rescue organization stated that a necropsy is being performed on the puppy's body and an investigation has been opened with local law enforcement - the ultimate goal is to find, and prosecute, the individual who is responsible for inflicting the heinous cruelty upon this young pup.

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