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Puppy dumped at Florida shelter for being 'wrong color' only days after adoption

Danni, returned because of his 'color'
Danni, returned because of his 'color'

Update adopted

This is a story about a Florida puppy who thought he was getting a forever home with a loving family. Instead, he got a round trip out of the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter, and was returned days later.

Baby Danni was adopted a few days ago from the Miami shelter, and was returned to the shelter on August 7. According to the creep who returned this sweet dog, the family took a vote and decided Danni wasn't right for their family. The family decided Danni was the wrong color, and that he was too shy.

Now Danni waits, back on death row at an overcrowded shelter. He doesn't know what he did wrong, and you can see the disappointment on his face as Danni tries to figure out how he ended up back where he started.

A group of volunteers and not affiliated with the Miami Dade Animal Services posted Danni's story on their Facebook: Miami Shelter Big, Bullies, Black & Been Around page. This group is dedicated to helping the 50-80% of dogs who die at that shelter who fall into one or more of those categories.

Miama Shelter Big, Bullies, Black & Been Around has a mission: Since June 2012, their goal is to save more dogs through networking. The volunteers try their best to rescue more of the hard to place dogs who end up at MDAS through no fault of their own. They believe no dog should be considered unadoptable.

Tonight, Baby Danni lays alone in a steel cage. He's confused, and most likely quite frightened. Perhaps he wonders whether the next family who claims to love him will do the same thing, and dump him back at the shelter. Danni deserves better than this.

The family who 'took a vote' and decided to dump him back at the shelter definitely doesn't deserve a dog as sweet as Danni. There's a much better home out there for him. A forever home, where he'll have a real bed to sleep in and toys to keep him busy.

We just have to join together and find that home before time runs out.

If you'd like to offer this puppy a home, please contact the shelter at the information listed below. Danni is animal number #A1623855

Miami-Dade Animal Shelter
7401 NW 74 Street
Miami, Florida 33166

Telephone: 305-884-1101

Adoption and Lost and Found
Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Saturday/Sunday 10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Interested adopters are welcome to call about a dogs status, but a hold can't be placed over the phone. You have to go there in person.

MDAS has a 30% euthanasia rate and 80% of the dogs euthanized are Big, Bullies, Black and Seniors as well as owner surrenders and confiscation cases. Danni may well be considered an owner surrender. According to shelter policy

Owner-surrendered dogs are available for adoption or rescue the day they arrive at the shelter, granted they are spayed/neutered. That can also mean, if the dog did not pass MDAS health/temperament test, the dog can be humanely euthanized the day of arrival.

Each dog, whether a stray or an owner-surrender, is optimistically given approximately 7 days from the date it enters the shelter to find a forever home or the safety of rescue.

If you live outside the Miami-Dade area, a list of approved rescues can be found here. Don't let distance prevent you from offering sweet Danni the home he deserves. Transport services are available almost anywhere, and rescues now how to arrange transport. Think of them as the 'travel agents' for unwanted pets.

Please share Danni with friends, especially those in the Miami area. His life depends on the networking skills of those who hear his story.

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