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Puppy Dog Should Learn In The First Year: You Are Goddess of the Good Stuff

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Your puppy has to learn that all good things come through you. It is your job as the owner that you teach the dog that all of his wishes come true when he respects your authority. The very first lesson for you puppy dog is self-control. He has to learn to please you first and himself last!


  • You must teach your puppy that ALL good things come through YOU.
  • You must teach your puppy how to use its teeth properly: bite inhibition.
  • You must teach the dog that it is safe to give people that it has in its mouth.
  • You must teach your dog that it is okay to have people near its food bowl while it is eating.
  • You must teach your dog how to greet friends who come to your home and also how to greet strangers on the street.
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