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Puppy dies from nicotine poisoning after chewing through electronic cigarette

Puppy died from electronic cigarette like these.
Puppy died from electronic cigarette like these.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A dog owner in the United Kingdom is mourning the death of his puppy after she chewed through the bottle of liquid nicotine used for an electronic cigarette. As reported by the Western Daily Press on Feb. 18, Keith Sutton had placed the bottle on the table but the puppy, Ivy, got hold of it before he could get it away from her.

The 14-week-old dog immediately started feeling the poisonous effects of the nicotine. She started foaming at the mouth and vomiting. Her tongue and lips were already turning blue. Sutton rushed Ivy to the vet’s office where they tried saving the dog’s life with steroids and other treatment options. However, after about 12 hours later, the poison was just too strong for her and there was nothing else that could be done. The sweet Staffordshire bull terrier passed away. She had supposedly only ingested just a small amount of the nicotine, but it was enough to kill her.

The 56-year-old dog owner is now speaking out on the dangers of e-cigarettes, citing just how dangerous they can be, especially for small dogs and for children that may come into contact with them. Sutton was trying to cut down on his habit by trying the new device out. He now feels guilty about what happened to his pup.

"I'm never going to go near an electronic cigarette again,” Sutton said. “I saw that look of fear in my poor dog's face. I don't want to see that same look on a child's face."

He is taking his story to the public to warn others on just how dangerous the liquid can be for dogs and kids that may get this into their little hands. As he points out, it comes in flavors like chocolate and strawberry that would grab a child’s attention. Sutton insists that a clearer warning label should be in place to reveal the lethal dangers of these nicotine products.

This tragic loss of a puppy’s life should flag a warning to anyone that is using the electronic cigarettes and has either dogs or kids in the same house. Keep them safely locked away where they can’t be found.

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