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'Puppy Bowl X' on Animal Planet hits the turf on Super Bowl Sunday

The 10th edition of "Puppy Bowl," "Puppy Bowl X", hit the turf on Animal Planet on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014. The first show premiered on 3-5 p.m. ET and will encore throughout the day for a total of six airings of the popular show, with new content added every hour. Fans can vote for the MVP during each airing at AnimalPlanet/PuppyBowlMVP.

Referee makes a call as the dogs play on the field during Puppy Bowl X. Puppy Bowl X premieres on Feb. 2, 2014 on Animal Planet
Animal Planet/Damian Strohmeyer

Attached is a slideshow of pictures from Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl X."

Puppy Bowl returned to Animal Planet's GEICO Stadium to celebrate a special anniversary of the championship battle for cuteness and barking rights. This year, all six airings of "Puppy Bowl X" will surprise viewers at the end of the game as fans vote in real time for which puppy will take home the coveted title of Bissell MVP (Most Valuable Puppy).

With 12.4 million viewers last season, Animal Planet upped the ante with all new features and guest stars to make "Puppy Bowl X" the biggest game ever! And on game day, 66 rambunctious pups from the "Pedigree" Starting Lineup will show off their signature moves and chews in the end zone for their chance at glory.

"Puppy Bowl X" was opened by a special appearance by First Lady Michelle Obama and White House dogs Bo and Sonny. Honored New York Police Dogs were at attention for "The Star Spangled Banner" opening.

Adding to the entertainment value of the family friendly show are the Penguin Cheerleaders, Kitty Half-Time Show and special guests "The Muppets," Keyboard Cat and Animalist’s Lil BUB celebrity cat. Hamsters work their wheels below the stadium to keep the lights on and turbines running.

The show features the delightful antics of a variety puppies, all of whom are available for adoption. Puppy Bowl, like Hallmark Channel's Inaugural Kitten Bowl, promotes the joys and benefits of pet adopton.

America’s favorite referee, Dan Schachner,calls the puppy penalties for his third year as “The Ref.” Sideline reporter “Meep the Bird” is back on his perch to tweet live updates and commentary throughout the big game. Fans can follow @MeepTheBird to catch the latest news, puppy drama and locker room moments from inside the stadium. After an electrical malfunction at that other game last year, “Meep the Bird” reminded viewers that the lights never go out at "Puppy Bowl". Beyonce performs at Super Bowl and lights go out

Viewers enjoy "Puppy Bowl" favorites such as the water bowl cam, slow motion “Too Cute” cam, Kiss Cam sponsored by SUBARU, and an aerial view of the field provided by the "Twizzler's" blimp and its hamster pilots, capturing every furry fumble, touchdown and penalty. Outside the stadium, canine fans without tickets claim their spots in the parking lot at a brand new tailgate party.

All of the puppies and kittens featured in "Puppy Bowl X" come from shelters and rescue groups across the United States and even Puerto Rico. This year’s team includes players from Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA (California), Florida Little Dog Rescue, Colorado Animal Welfare League, Last Hope Animal Rescue (Iowa) and Scottsville Veterinary Hospital and Adoptions (New York). Animal Care & Control of NYC provided kittens for the Bissell Kitty Half-Time Show. Visit the Animal Planet website for additional informaion.

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