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Puppy Bowl for dog fanciers' Super Bowl option

Millions of viewers enjoy Puppy Bowl.
Millions of viewers enjoy Puppy Bowl.

Love dogs but not overly enthused about football? Did your favorite team drop out early in the race to the Super Bowl? Don't despair - there is a fun option for dog lovers.

The Puppy Bowl has become a "must watch" show for many dog lovers. The 2014 Puppy Bowl will be the 10th event in this series. Animal Planet will have "kickoff" at 3 p.m. EST on February 2 at Geico Stadium. The bowl will last for two hours, so you can enjoy the puppies and then decide if you want to switch over to football. The show will repeat for five times in case you miss the first showing.

The Puppy Bowl superstars are the puppies themselves of course. The starring canines range in breed from adorable mixed breeds to cute purebreds. An Italian Greyhound and an Old English Sheepdog are two of the breeds that will be represented. Sixty six unique puppies will take turns on the field during the performance. For cat lovers, a Kitty Halftime Show keeps everyone in the family happy.

New this year are penguin cheerleaders.

It is important to remember that the puppies featured are all in search of their forever homes. Some come via purebred rescue groups and others via shelters. Certainly all of them deserve the perfect family!