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Puppy at training facility dies when collar gets tangled with another dog

Gracie was choked to death by a collar
Gracie was choked to death by a collar
Family photo via NBC News 4

According to Wednesday's NBC News 4, a puppy died at a Lewis Center, Ohio, training facility earlier this month when her collar became tangled and choked her to death.

On April 3, "Gracie," a six-month-old great dane/boxer mix, was at the ACME Canine dog training facility when the tragic incident took place. Gracie was wearing a choke collar and she was strangled when the collar cinched tightly around her neck after she became tangled with another dog.

Gracie's guardian, Robbi Scott, is devastated over the loss of her puppy - also devastated by the puppy's death is Laura Pakis, the woman who owns the facility where Gracie died. Pakis insists that the dogs were being supervised when the incident took place, but she has stated that the employees were unable to save Gracie after the collar cut off her air supply.

Pakis has stated that Gracie's death was the result of a freak accident - Scott believes that it was negligence.

After Gracie died, the facility switched the dogs in their care to a Martingale-style collar, but Pakis has noted that a dog could still be choked to death, even with the different type of collar.

In May 2012, a golden retriever who was playing with another dog outside of his New Jersey home, died after his choke collar got caught on the other dog's tooth. The dogs belong to a fire chief who was shocked, and devastated, after the dog's untimely death. Following the publication of the story about the golden retriever, several readers left comments to the National Dog News Examiner's Facebook page about similar, frightening collar incidents which involved both choke collars, and nylon collars.

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