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Puppy abused by worker at Ashland boarding kennel

Michael Edison, 23, was charged with animal cruelty for repeatedly kicking a puppy.
Metro West Daily News

A one year old Labrador puppy was being just that – a puppy – when an Ashland kennel worker became enraged and repeatedly kicked the puppy for not listening, according to the Metro West Daily News. Micheal Edison, 23, of Marlborough was caught on video abusing the puppy, much to the shock of the new kennel owners of Camp Canine, Kimberly Cardiff and William Craig.

Edison had been an employee for over two years and stayed on with the new owners. He was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

On the day in question, Cardiff went to work and Edison was already there. He was soaking wet from the rain and was “in a state of rage,” as described by Cardiff, according to the Metro West Daily News. Apparently after letting all of the dogs out to do their business, Dexter, the chocolate Labrador puppy, did not want to come in. He was the last one outside and just wanted to play.

Edison reportedly told Cardiff that the puppy had attacked him and “lunged at his throat,” though he was not hurt.

This prompted Cardiff to check on all of the dogs, as something was not sitting well with her. She stated the dogs were unusually quiet and Dexter was cowering in his kennel. He had no visible injuries but she spotted blood on one of his toys.

Cardiff and her husband, William Craig, checked the webcam that is set up for customers to watch their dogs. On the video they see Dexter outside, not wanting to come in and Edison chasing him around. Edison tries to coax Dexter inside with a rake, then hits him with it. A few moments later, Edison drags Dexter inside by the collar.

In the kennel, after a long pause, Edison kicks Dexter a few times. According to Craig, they are both off camera but Edison's leg is visible, which raises four or five times in a kicking motion.

"You see Dexter come running out, cowering, trying to get into his run," said Craig. "About 20, 25 seconds later, he (Edison) comes into view and grabs Dexter by the head and slams into the floor four or five times. He picks him up, throws him into the run and goes in after him,” as reported by the Metro West Daily News.

Unfortunately, there is no camera in the dog run but there was evidence of more activity. Craig will be reviewing the past six months of camera footage.

Edison was arrested after Craig called the police. He was released on $1,000 bail and had given no reason for abusing the puppy. He admitted to being on camera but simply said “oh my God, that's horrible” after viewing the incident himself.

Edison lives with his mother and two cats, but has been ordered to stay 15 yards away from any other domesticated animal. He appears in court for a pretrial conference next month. Edison's lawyer, Mark Wester, has put it on record that Edison has Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD.

Dexter's family has been contacted. His condition is unknown at this time.

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