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Puppies rescued from China's upcoming 'Yulin Dog Meat Festival'

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Four adorable Labrador retriever mix puppies were rescued by Humane Society International from being brutally slaughtered and eaten during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival beginning this weekend on Saturday, June 21 reported the

It has been estimated that over 10,000 dogs were slaughtered and eaten during the 2013 Summer Solstice Dog Meat Festival in China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Read more about the "festival" and how humane advocates are working to end this brutal tradition by clicking here.

The dogs are inhumanely bludgeoned to death, thrown into machines to remove their fur, and soaked in liquids to bloat their bodies. Health concerns about tainted meat and rabies have been reported.

Humane advocates have reported many of the dogs are pets and have been stolen. The dogs are stuffed into cages and thrown onto trucks where they are deprived of water and food for days - only to be brutally slaughtered. Reports of huskies and Samoyed breeds wearing collars watching helplessly as their fates are sealed by thieves and bandits selling the stolen dogs to the highest bidders. Many of the dogs are gentle; indicating they are accustomed to human contact. Rumors that dogs are raised on farms specifically for slaughter have been proven false.

The four puppies were rescued on Monday when humane advocates found the defenseless little ones tied in a cage on the back of a motorbike. These adorable and very lucky pooches have been called the "Yulin Ambassadors" and will bring more awareness to the inhumanity of the event which authorities continue to deny happens.

In a time where more China homes have dogs as part of their families, the younger population continues to show a stronger moral and compassionate responsibility to companion animals.

"This could be the crucial shift that sounds the death knell for dog meat. The Yulin festival is a gruesome and shocking place. To see any animal suffering is distressing, but there is something truly heart-breaking about seeing man's best friend so bewildered and betrayed."

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