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Puppies, kittens, cats and dogs are killed daily in animal "shelters"-what you can do to stop it



  • Lynne Levandowski - Wichita Biblical Perspectives 5 years ago

    This is so horrible, but what can one do. I actually adopted a beautiful long-haired domestic - black - cat a few years ago that has the most wonderful personality. There are strays all over the place here in Kansas. Two litters have just arrived but no one has the heart to kill them...fortunately. Great and informative article.

  • Kristy, KC Pet Examiner 5 years ago

    Lynne, there are *many* things one can do. Re-read the article and see if there is something on the list that you can do. Good for you for adopting a cat!

  • Lisa, Logan county,IL. 2010 5 years ago

    I am very sorry to say, I wish I would have read your article last week. We fostered 2 kittens in our home until they were 10 months old. They were healthy and happy, socialized, great with kids and other animals. They were all black , one with long fur and 1 with short fur. We decided to take them to the animal shelter to see if they would have a better chance at getting adopted. I was totally wrong. We didn't realize that our shelter is just a legal killing machine for animals. I called to check on them after 9 days and talked to the warden, she said they were gone. She told me that "she" had decided they needed to die because they were black. We are so upset, cant stop crying. I asked her why she didn't call me and I would have come and adopted them back. She said they don't do that. I wish I could undo this.I think it is so racist to kill black animals because of their color. Thats all it is , a color, not their personality.These places should be closed down!!

  • Kitten lover 5 years ago

    I just fostered two multicolored kittens.
    one boy one girl. Anyways she went on a trip and I took care of them. They lived in my barn. After a few days after she got back they died alone. Not together... apart. They died in the cold alone one on my back doors steps (mouthopen) as if screaming to let him in. The other died in the barn with her liitle blue blanket wrapped around herself curled up. There was a rain storm that night so I assume they died of hypothermia this all happened four days ago. I dont no when but some time at night. I ask is there anything I could have done? They werent even a month old! Please if someones out there please understand. They were so innocent and lonely! The quote on quote owner told me that there mother had left.
    had she really left or had I takken them away from there mother to die. I feel so horrible.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    help the animles

  • Cory 3 years ago

    This whole article is stupid. Kill shelters aren't the enemy. Its the breeders, and people who don't spay and neuder their animals. Do you even know how many animals don't have homes? It's really quite sad, but the fact is there is nothing you can do to stop it. There isn't a person for every animal without a home. I love animals to death, adopted two cats adn a dog from a no kill shelter. But seriously, its the breeders who are the bad guys, not the kill shelters. They don't want to put the animals down, trust me.

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