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Puppies in foster care in Houston, Tx battling distemper

K-9 Angels Rescue selflessly fosters two puppies with canine distemper, reaches out for help.
K-9 Angels Rescue selflessly fosters two puppies with canine distemper, reaches out for help.
K-9 Angels Rescue - Juniper

A rescue organization in Houston, Texas is currently fostering two young puppies who have been diagnosed with canine distemper. K-9 Angels Rescue saves animals from local shelters, sparing them from a situation that isn't only tedious to a rescue animal, but can have long lasting, negative impacts on the animal's mental and physical well-being. They then go on to provide foster care for these animals until a suitable home can be found for them. In an age of high kill shelters, and massive amounts of stray overpopulation, dogs who are ill and may be expensive to treat have an alarmingly low rate of long term survival.

Juniper is currently in foster care and battling canine distemper
K-9 Angels Rescue

Fortunately for Taylor and Juni, K-9 Angels Rescue has taken them into the fold, and refuses to give up on these otherwise highly adoptable puppies.

Canine distemper is an extremely contagious, systemic viral disease seen in dogs throughout the world, both domesticated and feral. Much like the Rabies virus, canine distemper can run rampant throughout areas where there is a large incidence of outside, unvaccinated domestic animals, and wooded areas where the disease can be spread by local wildlife. Vaccinations are effective as preventative care, but there is currently no known cure for canine distemper, and treatment for symptoms must be administered until the dog can completely recover. This treatment is extensive, and can become quite expensive.

This is why Taylor and Juni's very own human angels are reaching out to the public for help treating them. Both dogs are very young and otherwise healthy, and will be able to be adopted out once they are well.

If you are interested in donating to Taylor and Juni's recovery, please visit PayPal to donate:

Once they are well, the road to happiness will not stop for Taylor and Juni there. They will be searching for forever homes! All dogs and puppies adopted from K-9 Angels Rescue will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, and will be treated for any other health concerns while in foster care.

Please also visit K-9 Angels Rescue at their Facebook page, here.

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