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Puppies face off 10 years in a row

Today was Purina’s Puppy Bowl X (2014 on Animal Planet), the biggest event on four paws, in addition to it being the first ever Kitten Bowl (Hallmark); an annual treat for die-hard animal lovers – as well as for those that wanted a pregame diversion before the big game and its contenders in this year’s Super Bowl XLVIII. Not only did rescue dogs compete, but rescue kittens appeared at halftime as well as some very distinguished (non-adoptable) penguin co-stars.

The competition was as fierce as ever this year!
Animal Planet

So it would not compete with the actual ‘big game’ (to appear on Fox), The Puppy Bowl started three full hours before the guys of the gridiron faced off. The canine bowl began at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. There was no reason for anyone to miss the fur fly on the field!

Discovery Communications wanted to ensure another successful season for the dogs, so they considered improvements throughout the past year. Last year they had 12.4 million viewers, so to improve those numbers (and encourage pet adoption), Discovery Communications added a fantasy football approach to the action this year.

“Meep the Bird” made for some interesting commentary and tweets. Meep is Animal Planet’s famous sideline reporter as he has more than 26,000 followers! The penguin cheerleaders were quite a sight as well and the “Kitty Halftime Show” ensured that both canine and feline lovers had something to view. The game and the extra curriculars made for a fun family-friendly setting.

The all-star loveable lineup was simply adorable before, during and after they mixed it up on the grand gridiron at Animal Planet’s Stadium. The competitive play included Fido first downs, terrier tackles, fumbles and touchdowns. Of course there were some adorable puppy penalties. The game was a real tail-wagger that included the cutest canines possible.

Lab Mixes, Poodles, Boxers, Dalmations, Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes, Hound Mixes, American Eskimos, Spaniels, Papillon Mixes, Pitbull Mixes, Old English Sheepdog Mixes, Great Pyrenees, Shih Tzu Mixes and many others competed today; all representing various shelters and rescue organizations. By having these dogs compete, the world can see that just because these dogs came from less-desirable conditions, it does not mean that they won’t compete for your heart.

Homeless pets have the most to prove because people sometimes think that there is something wrong with them. A lot of times, homeless pets are rescued from situations where they are used to create the pets sold in pet shops. Those that don’t make the cut end up homeless. They are no less loving than any other pet; in fact, they may be more so since they only want to dole out unconditional love.

To see them in a professional setting sheds positive light in their direction; helping these awesome animals to get adopted. But just because an animal does not appear on television, it does not mean that he or she is not a star!

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