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Puppies donated to Twin Cities service dog organization PawPADs



A donor who wished to remain anonymous, a young woman still in her teens, arranged with a local service dog training school, Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs (PawPADs) to take care of a litter of puppies she recently rescued from a bad situation, temporarily including one to be trained train for herself. There, the puppies would be well-cared-for by a staff and numerous volunteers and they would, hopefully, all become service dogs to help people with physical or other disabilities, or “career changed” into psychiatric service dogs or great therapy, emotional support, or family pet dogs.

The donor, who uses a service dog that is nearing retirement age, signed over ownership of the puppies this week to PawPADs and will keep one of the puppies, whom she has named “Talulah,” to train and take over when her existing dog retires.

How long will Talulah spend at the training school? “I would like to leave her there until she is about 4 months old,” said the donor. “Linda Ball, the director of Paw-PADS, has graciously offered to assist in training Talulah some tasks. I do plan to bring her home for several nights a few weeks prior to her staying with my family permanently to allow her time to adjust.” In the mean time, the donor and many others volunteer daily at PawPADs helping with the feedings and cleaning up and, of course, play time/socialization for the puppies.

Why the name “Talulah”? The donor said, “According to, Talulah is a Choctaw name meaning leaping water. I have always been interested in Native American culture as I have some tribal heritage.”

If this donor doesn’t remind you of a typical teenager, it’s because she has had to communicate with adults since she was 13 years old to rescue animals. Time and again she comes to the rescue for helpless animals.

For more info: Check back here over the next few months for an update on these puppies, their training, and their move to their new careers helping people. For more information about PawPADs or to donate or volunteer your services, visit their website at To help support PawPADs, check out For more information about PAWS-AID, an organization whose members played key roles in helping to raise these puppies, visit