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Puppies, cats, dogs at Macon Animal Control need you now

This is a large, friendly, loving dog who just wants attention. He is scheduled to die tomorrow morning.
This is a large, friendly, loving dog who just wants attention. He is scheduled to die tomorrow morning.
Courtesy of Donna Arledge Segelken

The good thing about rescuing a dog or cat from Macon Animal Control is that even if the dog or cat isn't on "The List" to die on a given Wednesday, adopting or fostering that animal makes room at the shelter and may possibly save a second life.

About 18 dogs are on The List for tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. Many don't have photos to look at, so it's always best to go to the shelter in person and meet the available animals. The shelter has many puppies right now, and some cats, though none of these are on The List.


Macon Animal Control is a municipal shelter, which means residents can dump their pets any time -- and they do. It also means the animal control officers must pick up strays, abandoned and nuisance dogs constantly. And they do. So The List may get longer or, if enough people adopt or step up to foster, and if enough area rescue groups do the work the residents ought to be doing, The List may get shorter.

Here is The List as of this writing:

A245467 Rusty
A245483 brown pit mix male
A245494 black and black shep mix male
A245498 Hoss
A245520 Turbo
A245546 Willy
A245517 brown pit mix male
A245596 brown and white pit mix male
A245516 brown pit mix male
A245527 black lab mix male
A245550 brown chow mix female
A245529 brown chow mix female
A245594 white and black pit mix female
A245600 brown bulldog mix male
A245533 brown pit mix female
A245583 black pit mix female
A245572 black lab mix male
A245507 Gracie

Hoss is our featured photo. Talk about a waggy tail! Hoss is a big ol' dog with a lot of love for people. Not sure about other dogs or cats. That big smile will fade and the tail-wagging stops forever at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Turbo may be a mix of lab and boxer. He's an energetic, young pup with more than enough love for everyone to share.

Gracie isn't beautiful, but she loves people and she wants to live.

Willie is about a year old. He's a lab mix who is quite willing to learn how to walk on a leash and anything else you think he should know to be the perfect dog. He's eager to please and very friendly.

Rusty has some people trying to get him out, but no animal is ever considered safe until they leave the building by the front door. Until then, Rusty is still available.

The others, with just a number and a breed description, have no photos. The shelter routinely has 80+ dogs, and Donna Arledge Segelken is the volunteer who does her best to take as many pictures as possible every week to help save lives. The dogs should be on Pet Harbor online, but the listings there are not up-to-date.

If any of the dogs on the list might be one you're missing, go to the shelter and look for yourself. The staff is too busy to do this for you when euthanasia day is so close, and what may be a chow mix to you might look like a pointer mix to them, so just calling them up and asking about your lost pet is useless.

The shelter has many others available for adoption. Getting one of those may help take one of those others off The List. Adopting a pet costs $75 and includes spay/neuter surgery and a rabies shot. Who says you can't "buy love"?

Call Macon Animal Control at 478-751-9200 for information. If you want to know about a specific dog or cat, have the animal's ID number ready. Get to the shelter by 9-9:30 a.m. Wednesday to save a life! The shelter is at 1010 Eleventh Street, off Lower Poplar (see map), behind the city landfill office.

Click here to look at photos and descriptions of some of the available dogs and cats at Macon Animal Control.


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